Exciting News: HDashboards Version 0.0.2 Is Now Being Tested By Some Of You!

I'm thrilled to announce that the first and second versions of HDashboards are officially being tested by alpha testers! Although we encountered some bumps in the road initially, the response from our alpha testers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Milestones Achieved

In a short span of time, just 5 users have already created 9 dashboards featuring a total of 62 cards. This is a testament to the platform's ease of use and functionality.

Initial Challenges and Improvements

As with any first launch, we've faced some minor issues, but nothing that has slowed our momentum. Thanks to invaluable feedback from our user community, we've already implemented several key improvements:

  • Removed the on/off toggle for adding devices
  • Introduced auto-discovery for device capabilities
  • Added a brightness slider for lights
  • Enabled custom labels for on/off capabilities (text, number capabilities)
  • Revamped the 'Add Device' screen
  • Implemented a search system for adding devices and flows
  • Additionally, we've compiled a comprehensive list of feature requests that we're eager to explore.

A Note on Visuals

The image accompanying this blog post is actually from our initial version (v0.0.1). I couldn't resist showcasing it as a nod to how quickly Glenn was able to create an impressive dashboard.

Join Our Growing Community

I'm particularly excited about the community that's beginning to form around HDashboards. If you're interested in being a part of it, please join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/wThVgGde8M.

Known Bugs and Ongoing Work

We're actively investigating and working on resolving the following issues:

  • Infinitely loading tiles
  • Login bug (requiring a second login when OAuth refreshes at first boot)
  • Cross-device screen compatibility issues with the save/load system

Special Thanks

A huge shoutout to our alpha testers for their invaluable contributions. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way soon!

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