Feature requests & Known bugs

To give a better overview i've created a blog item i can update and use to make all the known bugs and feature requests insightful.
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Current versions

  • Web: v0.2.5
  • Android app: v0.2.5
  • iOS app: v0.2.5


Known bugs

  • Login issue (Login screen stuck, re-opening the app is a temporarily solution) (FIXED in v0.0.3)
  • Browser doesn't stay loggedin (FIXED in v0.0.3)
  • Create brand new first dashboard and then immedietly add cards results in endless loading cards until you reboot the app. (FIXED in v0.0.5)
  • Sometimes the toolbar forgets that he is in edit mode (FIXED in v0.0.5)
  • Some percentages are shown as 10000% etc (FIXED  in v0.0.5)
  • Sometimes deleted cards pop back (FIXED in v0.0.5)
  • Android bug when you go back from a dashboard (FIXED in v0.0.6)
  • First login for new users (redirect to login screen) (FIXED on 09-09-2023)
  • Save / Load dashboard on different screensizes moves items (FIXED in v0.0.7)
  • Some devices not visible for adding (FIXED in v0.0.7)
  • Grey tile for sonos media player in app (FIXED in v0.0.7)
  • Sometimes the socket.io connection to Homey gets lost which results in endless loading cards. (FIXED in v0.0.7)
  • Icons breake after some time (FIXED in v0.0.8)
  • Crashes when a flow/device or image is removed (FIXED in v0.0.8)
  • Percentage bug (FIXED in v0.0.8)
  • Added cache busting when new web version is released (automatically refresh without deleting cache) (FIXED in v0.0.8)
  • Upgraded image stability (FIXED in v0.0.9)
  • Upgraded URL and navigation stability (back button android, back button browser FIXED in v0.1.0)
  • Fixed IOS clipboard issue (FIXED in v0.2.1)
  • Fixed no capabilities found (FIXED in v0.2.1)
  • https://github.com/mennovanhout/flutter-hdashboards-issues/issues


Feature requests 

  • Search bar for adding items (DONE in v0.0.2)
  • Slider for lights (Top prio, since it benefits most users) (DONE in v0.0.2)
  • Device card to have support for multiple capabilities (onoff, dim) (DONE in v0.0.2)
  • Slider improvemens (Update device when you are done sliding) (DONE in v0.0.3)
  • Be able to delete endless loading cards (DONE in v0.0.3)
  • Hide sliders in edit mode (DONE in v0.0.3)
  • Show when device is unavailable (DONE in v0.0.3)
  • Slider for curtains (DONE in v0.0.3)
  • Show capabilties with % from 0 -> 1 as 0% -> 100% (DONE in v0.0.4)
  • Enum support for labels (DONE in v0.0.4)
  • Support for alarm capabilities (Motion sensor, contact sensor, doorbell etc...) (DONE in v0.0.4)
  • Add support for blinds that work with buttons instead of sliders (DONE in v0.0.4)
  • Support for volume sliders (DONE in v0.0.5)
  • Animated scrolling text when they don't fit (DONE in v0.0.5)
  • Support for media device controls (DONE in v0.0.5)
  • Support for media player album images (DONE in v0.0.5)
  • Add feature to disable/enable card controls (DONE in v0.0.5)
  • Card to go from dashboard a -> to dashboard b etc (DONE in v0.0.5)
  • Start of entire new app design (STARTED in v0.0.6)
  • Improvements + new layout media player (DONE in v0.0.7)
  • When selecting device immediatly show keyboard witouth needing to click the search field (DONE in v0.0.7)
  • Add posiblity to see which version you are using (DONE in v0.0.7)
  • Authenticated URL to send to nest hub for example (DONE in v0.0.7)
  • See which version of the tool you are using (DONE in v0.0.7)
  • Support for Light color changing at long press (DONE in v0.0.8)
  • Support for images including click to see bigger and zoom. (DONE in v0.0.8)
  • Add device type when searching devices (DONE in v0.0.8)
  • Alphabetical order when searching devices (DONE in v0.0.8)
  • Validation on adding new card (DONE in v0.0.9)
  • Image titles (DONE in v0.0.9)
  • Force image updates (DONE in v0.0.9)
  • Added alert pop-up on longpress with a card that has an alarm to show which alarm goes off. (DONE in v0.1.0)
  • Moved dashboard from id to uuid. (DONE in v0.1.0)
  • Custom icon support for dashboards. (DONE in v0.1.0)
  • Edit dashboards (name, icon ,delete) on longpress (DONE in v0.1.0)
  • Authenticated URL per dashboard (DONE in v0.1.0)
  • Testing with better readability and start working on supporting multiple labels (v0.1.0)
  • Better readability (DONE in v0.1.0)
  • Custom image titles (DONE in v0.1.0)
  • Title layout component (DONE in v0.1.0)
  • Thermostart support (DONE in v0.1.1)
  • Long press support (DONE in v0.2.0)
  • Sensor support (DONE in v0.2.0)
  • Battery support (DONE in v0.2.0)
  • Device enum selector (DONE in v0.2.0)
  • Added clocks digital and analog (DONE in v0.2.1)
  • Added darkmode (DONE in v0.2.2)
  • Added support for precense  (DONE in v0.2.3)
  • Added new notifications card (DONE in v0.2.3)
  • Fix bug darkmode when adding devices name was unreadable (DONE in v0.2.3)
  • Added creating time to timeline (DONE in v0.2.4)
  • Changed display of light colors to not get darker (DONE in v0.2.4)
  • Changed Device screen into an overlay (DONE in v0.2.4)
  • Fixed loginscren in darkmode (DONE in v0.2.4)
  • Fixed adding devices in darkmode (DONE in v0.2.4)
  • Fixed bug for adding vehicles (SKODA etc) (DONE in v0.2.4)
  • Fixed version pop-up for web (DONE in v0.2.5)
  • Reconnect to home socket on app resume (DONE in v0.2.5)
  • Automatically update titles on updated by flow (DONE in v0.2.5)
  • Potential fix for images not refreshing adding current miliseconds to the url to force reload (DONE in v0.2.5)
  • Make grid lines darker for darkmode (DONE in v0.2.5)
  • Fixed titles not readable in editmode in darkmode (DONE in v0.2.5)
  • Added new longpress screen to show what type of batteries go in a device (DONE in v0.2.5)
  • Added on/off capability support for airco/thermostats (DONE in v0.2.5)
  • Resubscribe to homey devices every 5 minutes (DONE in v0.2.5)
  • Made digital grow to the size you give it (DONE in v0.2.5)

  • https://github.com/mennovanhout/flutter-hdashboards-issues/issues

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    How can I setup the mediaplayer tile with a sonos device?

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    Just add the device without selecting a device capability

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